Original Fiction Written by Ryan D Meier

Please enjoy these short stories. They all vary in genre and length, but each holds a special place in my heart for one reason or another. At the end of each I provide an “Author’s Notes” section for you to get a glimpse into my head. Feel free to comment and share – feedback is forever welcomed. 

Part 1 of 2 - Artifactrian Tales

Approximately a 10 minute read.

Relics are the most valuable commodity, giving magic users and average people power beyond compare. But creating one comes at a price higher than you think. 

Part 2 of 2 - Artifactrian Tales

Approximately a 10 minute read.

When you deal in relics, you deal in death. The Artifactrian has created a new relic and now he must pay the debt and return the magical item to its owner.

A Philosophical Flash Fiction that makes you think

Approximately a 3 minute read.

A manipulative force powers through a small village, dripping tiny bits of poison into the moral wells of its’ inhabitants.

Who wouldn't like to dine with the Count?

Approximately a 5 minute read.

An awkward new vampire arrives for an annual dinner with Count Dracula. As you would imagine, the Count is quite strict with table manners.

Two girls? Hell night? A haunted house? Live streamed on facebook?What could go wrong?

Approximately a 5 minute read.

Two best friends celebrating senior year together decide to spend Hell Night in the local haunted house.

A late night call to an abandoned house changes a cop's view on the supernatural.

Approximately a 5 minute read.

Two police partners’ skepticism of the paranormal changes forever on a late night burglary call. And one of them? Might have changed more than that.

A comedic take on the zombie apocalypse

Approximately a 5 minute read.

Slacker Jason cannot catch a break. Not in life, not with keeping a job, and definitely not when it comes to trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.