It’s funny. Through this entire journey of writing, one that has been moving forward in one way or another for years, I never truly thought about what it would be like to build my own author website; or write my own author bio. How could I portray to you who I am in a few hundred words? 

I’ve written bio’s before, mostly for work in the corporate world. I’ve done it in small doses on social media. I, like you, have given a “this is me” elevator speech at least 1,000 times as we meet new acquaintances or co-workers. But it’s different when you sit down to describe yourself to people you’ve never met, in hopes they trust you with their hard earned money to read your books during their small amount of free time. 

Should the website be formal? Super creative? Filled with professional photos? Or maybe a stereotypical design to better fit in with my genre?

Maybe it should. But as I put this site together and thought about how to bring you into my worlds, the only answer was to be honest, to be my true self – and at my core I am none of those things.

I have a beautiful family that means the world to me. We live in the Hudson Valley area of New York; one of the most beautiful areas of the country, especially during the fall foliage season.

I’m a strong proponent for mental health issues, a very common theme in many of my works. I suffer. I have close family members that suffer. I have friends who suffer, and there’s a chance that even you suffer. Unfortunately, think about the statistics. For every one of us that is open about it, we know at least two more suffer in silence.

I pour my heart and soul into each bit of my work, whether it is a full length novel or a flash fiction short story. It might not be perfect; but I can promise you a great story filled with exciting plot twists and characters that resonate.

My true love is fantasy, but my mind floats from the darkest depths of horror to the endless possibilities of Sci-Fi. So, regardless of genre, I hope you hop into my stories head first and enjoy.


Where do I start?

I suppose I’ve loved fantasy as far back as I can remember, being drawn to fairy tales of brave knights and beautiful princesses. Though my true obsession came later as I read Weis & Hickman’s Dragonlance novels. Tanis Half-Elven, Sturm, Flint, Caramon & Raistlin, Laurana, Goldmoon & Riverwind – they brought me to a different world. I still feel each of those characters and can read and re-read the series again and again to this day.

Before I go forward – there have been hundreds of fantasy, Sci-fi, and horror books I’ve read and they have all (in one way or another) left an imprint on my heart. BUT…

More recently, I’ve found inspiration from GRRM and his huge world found in Game of Thrones. Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and plethora of horror novels. I love the Dresden Files, and dream of writing whimsical prose like Patrick Rothfuss. I love the story-telling of Ernest Cline, love the space opera storylines of the Expanse, and have enjoyed many of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth books.

I am, however, deep in my heart, a Sandersonite. In many ways Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn and Stormlight Archives books have changed my life. They have unleashed a need deep inside to just write, but to share my stories and characters with the world. Even if my creations only touch one single person, then every bit of this hard work and sacrifice is worth it.  

Worldhoppers Guild

Worldhoppers Guild is my passion project. Worldhoppers is a free platform for indie authors to showcase their original short stories, writings, and published works.

Each week we feature a new author, introducing them to our audience and allowing each to flex their storytelling muscles to a new group. We officially launched our content on September 18th, 2019 and haven’t looked back. If you write, check us out and see how we can help. If you love fantasy, sci-fi, and horror – check us out! You’ll find many good reads.

Through Worldhoppers Guild I have met incredibly talented authors and artists who I would have otherwise never heard of. That’s not a knock on any of them, it’s simply the reality of the crowded world of self-publishing. There are a ton of great storytellers out there and I want you to meet them all.

Check out the website and see some of featured authors. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new favorite.  

My Goals & Expectations

                                        I want to be your favorite author.


You can expect consistency from me; quality stories released at regular intervals.  I plan on trying out a few different writing approaches, things like writing rapid release serials, etc. Regardless of platform, know my best will go into each and every page.

I am an open book, completely accessible through my social media accounts and the Worldhoppers Guild. Stop by and say hello. Tweet at me! If you like one of my stories or one of my books, tell a friend. Hell, tell ten friends. I will forever be grateful for each and every recommendation.