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Autumn has come to the kingdom of Harlow’s Hill. Leaves of red, orange, and yellow cast a soft glow over the castle and its small farming villages, lending a tranquility to the quiet lands. Life in the northern hills was peaceful, serene, and trouble free.

But for King Thomas Hawke, it wasn’t that simple. Since childhood, he had been stricken with a mysterious illness; one with no known cause, and no known cure. It repeatedly took a heavy toll on the king’s body; however, nothing was more devastating than the loss of his memory.

After each episode, the King has been left to reconstruct the fragments of his life, hoping that one day his memories might return. As the years stretched on, his illness only grew worse – threatening his family line that still required an heir.   

With help from the Order of Acolytes, Thomas finds himself in a race against time to find a queen. Suitor after suitor come to the castle, and each visit ends the same way – with the King alone in the castle’s keep. That is until a mysterious new woman, Kate, arrives.

Join Thomas and Kate as they unravel the mysteries of Harlow’s Hill, changing everything they know about who they were, who they are, and who they will be.