“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.” 

Lloyd Alexander

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My other passion

I am the proud founder of the Worldhoppers Guild, a website dedicated to bringing fans into new and exciting worlds of fantasy fiction, movies & television.

Beyond the free books we’ll bring our readers, Worldhoppers hopes to bring you author interviews, reviews, genre news, and other unique takes on storytelling!   

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We launched in 2019 with one mission: provide support for aspiring authors, hobby writers, and artists of all kind during their pursuit of personal and professional goals.

Just like the craftsman guilds of old, we strive to unite our contributors, providing each a platform to share their work, promote their brand, and support their peers.

Membership in a craftsman’s guild was an honor; it was the mark of a true, skilled craftsman. Most importantly, a guild took care of its members.

Welcome to the Worldhoppers’ Guild.